Redding Real Estate – Ochoa & Shehan Resale Homes

Redding Real Estate – Ochoa & Shehan Homes – Ochoa & Shehan were local builders here in Redding and Shasta County CA. They built beautiful homes. They are no longer in business but we have many distinctive homes that were built by this builder and many fortunate home owners that know the value of living in their distinctive and beautiful homes. I was fortunate to work for the builder with a team of agents in my office. I spent many wonderful afternoon telling Buyers about the fine amenities and features of owning an Ochoa & Shehan home. We specialize in helping owners of Ochoa & Shehan homes market and sell their homes in the resale market. Please find below a  PDF document that outlines the features and amenities and also the “Earth Advantage” energy saving benefits.

Redding Real Estate – Ochoa & Shehan Homes – I have kept many Ochoa & Shehan documents that help us know floor plans and the layouts of the subdivisions. These documents are proprietary and copyright materials but we can view them when looking to market and sell your Ochoa & Shehan homes. Knowledge is a good thing and knowing the features and energy saving benefits of your home will help the next Buyer find value in your home.

Redding Real Estate - Ochoa & Shehan Resale Homes

Ochoa & Shehan Distinctive Homes – Jeanean and David Gendron

View the Features & Amenities and the Earth Advantage Benefits for the following subdivisions:

Bel Air Estates – Features and Amenities

Bel Air Estates – Earth Advantage Benefits

Summerfield Meadows – Earth Advantage Benefits and Features and Amenities

Crown Meadows Estates – Features and Amenities

Crown Meadows Estates – Earth Advantage Benefits

Redding Real Estate – Homes for Sale – Marketing the WEB – MARK IT SOLD–Selling your Redding home is simple. When we bring together the right components to pervasively market your property, the result is that we sell your property. Combine the right price point, beautiful marketing (photos and video), target the right Buyers and pervasively market the WEB,  the result is your property being SOLD. We use 15 websites to target market to the local, regional, national and international markets.

Redding Real Estate – Homes for Sale – Marketing the WEB – MARK IT SOLD – Jeanean and David Gendron – Specializing in Marketing and Selling Homes in Redding California–what you need is an experienced real estate agent that knows the trending market and understands the power of technology and marketing the WEB. We have over 15 websites that we use to pervasively market your listing on the WEB. We target Buyers looking for the lifestyle and property you have developed. It’s not rocket science, it just connection. 90 percent of Buyers search on-line for the properties they are looking for. We make your listing available so that the right Buyer can find it. Mark it SOLD!

Marketing Luxury

Jeanean and David Gendron – Specializing in Marketing and Selling Homes in Redding California–We love where we live and work and we love our listings. This is why we specialize in marketing and selling luxury homes that have been developed to the highest and best use of the land. It is a privilege to market a well developed property that promotes a lifestyle Buyers are looking for. It’s not really about a price range but about marketing the lifestyle and the Buyer who will find that it has value.


Redding Luxury Homes - Jeanean Gendron

Jeanean and David Gendron – Specializing in Marketing and Selling Homes on the WEB

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SELLERS: FREE MARKET VALUATION–If you are looking to sell your home in Shasta County, CA or in the Redding CA area, we specialize in marketing and selling unique properties. We SELL our listings. With a pervasive web presence (15+ websites/blogsites) we are able to target specific Buyers interested in your property. With the right price point, beautiful marketing and by knowing who our Buyer is, we are able to sell all our listings. We provide the Buyer with the tools, information and knowledge they need to identify and buy the right property here in the North State. We have Buyers contacting us to relocate to the North State daily. MARK IT SOLD!

SELLERS: DOWNLOAD your FREE Guide to SELLING YOUR HOME. Many years of marketing experience and Social Media marketing contribute to this document and how we market and sell our listings. It is our privilege and pleasure to create a WEB presence that SELLS HOMES. It is not rocket science but it takes a seasoned marketer, technology development skills and knowing the market well. Mark it SOLD!

Redding Real Estate - Download Your Free Home Selling Guide

SELLERS: Sign up for FREE MARKET REPORTS VIA EMAIL – We are happy to provide this free service. Stay current on what has sold and for how much in your Community. Your home is an important investment. Be knowledgeable about Market Value. Visit this website for current market reports on specific communities. We cover Redding and Shasta County, Gold Hills, River Bend, Tierra Oaks, Tucker Oaks, Country Heights, Windsor Estates,  and Ridgewood Estates.

Redding Real Estate - Free Market Reports

BUYERS: If you are looking to relocate to the North State download our free RELOCATION GUIDE. It has local demographics and photos of the beauty of the surrounding areas. We love living and working here in Shasta County, California. We are photographers and so we share the beauty with you. We also provide you with a FREE MLS ACCOUNT for ALL ACTIVE LISTINGS IN SHASTA COUNTY, CA. You are able to save searches and receive email notices for new listings. Real time data that helps you understand the market values in Shasta County, CA. We call it Living The Shasta Lifestyle!

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